Estate Planning Seminar

By unsworthlawvt (other events)

Wednesday, September 12 2018 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

In this seminar Attorney Stephen A. Unsworth or Attorney Ellen B. LaPlante will explain different types of estate plans, why estate planning is important, and how the process works.

Why should you attend?
* Do you have loved ones you would like to provide for after you are gone?
* Do you have assets totaling $100,000 or more?
* Do you have minor children?
* Do you own a farm or family business?
* Do you provide for a child or loved one with special needs?
* Do you understand probate, guardianship, and trusts?
* Do you want to protect your children’s future inheritance from potential problems such as divorce, misues, and opportunists?
* Will your Power of Attorney protect you if you become disabled?
* Do you know the facts about Joint Tenancy?
Learn how to protect your loved ones and your estate.
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